Jeremy Stewart

Jeremy, heads up our Business development team. He is the master of listening to your needs and transforming them into an intranet that exceeds expectations.

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Jeremy Stewart 15 January 2021 2 min read

Engage intranet software included in the latest ClearBox report

Clearbox Consulting released their report recently which reviews 'independent intranet’ ...
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Jeremy Stewart 18 December 2020 3 min read

ClearBox review of Engage is very welcome

Working with intranets can sometimes feel like a lonely place to be. A lot of people ...
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Jeremy Stewart 24 September 2020 10 min read

Why intranets are great at connecting remote workers

Why intranets are great at connecting remote workers For several years, the Office for ...
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Jeremy Stewart 30 July 2020 12 min read

Naming your intranet: The internal comms challenge

When you are expecting a baby, there are hundreds of books around to help you choose the ...
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Jeremy Stewart 22 June 2020 15 min read

What have we learned about intranets during the coronavirus crisis?

Since Lockdown began in March, UK businesses had to rapidly respond to an ever-changing ...
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Jeremy Stewart 11 May 2020 4 min read

The complex reality of returning to work

This week we are all waiting for more details around the governments plans to ease the ...
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Jeremy Stewart 19 November 2019 9 min read

Are you ready to start 2020 intranet planning?

What do you want your intranet to achieve in 2020? As we approach a new decade, there is ...
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Jeremy Stewart 18 September 2019 3 min read

Taking the lead with your business communication

The growing popularity of Microsoft 365 sees more organisations using it every day, it ...
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Jeremy Stewart 8 May 2017 6 min read

Intranet Planning: 10 Top Tips

Are you thinking about a new intranet or continuously developing your current one? If so, ...
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Jeremy Stewart 8 May 2014 2 min read

Engaging your staff with a World Cup theme

I’m often asked by clients for suggestions as to how they can get their staff more ...
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Jeremy Stewart 14 October 2013 3 min read

A fresh take on blogging

With so much discussion around making intranets more social I thought I’d share some of ...
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Jeremy Stewart 9 September 2013 2 min read

An intranet design staff can relate to

When it comes to introducing an intranet, it can take staff a little time to adapt to ...
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Jeremy Stewart 7 May 2013 2 min read

Inspiring our clients

One of the main reasons we hold regular customer events is to provide fresh ideas and ...
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Jeremy Stewart 19 March 2013 2 min read

The end of the intranet upgrade?

When I’m speaking to customers who have had their intranet for a little while, we often ...
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Jeremy Stewart 6 November 2012 1 min read

Getting our customers to ‘Show and tell’

When I visit clients they often mention that getting inspiration for future development ...
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Jeremy Stewart 23 October 2012 1 min read

Customer information for all your staff

I’m finding that more and more of our customers are requesting a CRM system that can be ...
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Jeremy Stewart 20 July 2012 3 min read

Simplifying ROI

Whenever I speak to clients, it’s always interesting to hear about the ways in which ...
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Jeremy Stewart 18 May 2012 1 min read

Networking in the SORCE community

Last week we held a client day for all our clients in the South of England. Not only was ...
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Jeremy Stewart 19 December 2011 1 min read

Looking for inspiration for your intranet launch?

Have you ever wondered how other companies launch their intranets? One of our clients ...
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