Jeremy Stewart 19 March 2013 3 min read

The end of the intranet upgrade?

When I’m speaking to customers who have had their intranet for a little while, we often discuss refreshing their site.

Recently, I’ve noticed a considerable change in the way clients want to approach this. Previously, a traditional upgrade was the norm, where the technology behind the site is updated, but the existing site structure remains essentially unchanged. I’m starting to think that the days of the traditional upgrade are over, as more and more clients are instead opting to migrate their content to a new and improved intranet. This enables them to create a brand new site where they can introduce a new structure and design, plus add new functionality.

When clients undergo a migration, I recommend that they use it as an opportunity to revisit their original objectives by going through ‘the Journey’.

The Journey gives them the chance to assess their current user and business needs so they can:

  • Take a look at existing content and remove what’s no longer relevant
  • Assess current business processes and uncover ‘killer opportunities’
  • Create new site functionality based on user requirements
  • Develop custom applications specific to the organisation’s needs

Essentially, they will have a fresh new site that meets the needs of their staff and has been adapted in line with their business objectives.

A frustrating issue with upgrades is that customer sites are taken down while their software is updated. This isn’t the case with migration, as the existing site can still be used while the new site is built and tested.

With new features and functionality in place, many of our customers have chosen to celebrate their newly migrated site with a relaunch. This gives them the chance to shout about the changes to their intranet and where necessary, provide staff training. By making staff aware of what their new site can do for them, they’ll be more likely to use it, increasing overall usage of the intranet.

What are you experiences with site migration? Provide your comments below.


Jeremy Stewart

Jeremy, heads up our Business development team. He is the master of listening to your needs and transforming them into an intranet that exceeds expectations.