Jeremy Stewart 15 January 2021 2 min read

Engage intranet software included in the latest ClearBox report

Clearbox Consulting released their report recently which reviews 'independent intranet’ products and we were very pleased for our Engage intranet software is featured.  For people that don't know Clearbox Consulting, they are independent intranet consultants that are highly regarded and respected within our industry.  

Historically they have focused on SharePoint intranets and have published a SharePoint ‘intranet in a box’ product report for many years. This new report represents Clearbox’s first venture into evaluating the wider intranet market beyond SharePoint.

Clearbox describe the report as a way of finding the best alternative to SharePoint intrants and highlighting excellent product options that can be overlooked by focusing on SharePoint alone.

The aim of the report is to help buyers with their buying decisions.  Clearbox have done all the hard work in evaluating the market, so buyers can easily find the pros and cons of different options without long and detailed procurement processes.  

We were delighted to be involved in the evaluation process and pleased that Clearbox found Engage to be mature and flexible. They also highlighted our social engagement functionality, forms module and mobile app. We welcome all Clearbox’s efforts to broaden understanding of our segment of the industry and look forward to speaking with all the people that find us via the report!

You can read our full review by purchasing the report from ClearBox.


Jeremy Stewart

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