Paula Darch 19 June 2024 7 min read

What next for Meta Workplace users?

Since the news that Meta Workplace will be phased out from 31st of August 2025 and finally shutting down on 1st of June 2026, many organisations are now faced with the dilemma of what next, but it raises a bigger question about what is the best internal comms platform for your business going forward?

If you asked anyone in internal comms, the wish list for a new platform would include the following:

  • A way to better connect the workforce for all employees
  • For everyone to have a sense of belonging and immersed in the company culture
  • An easy way for employees and the business to engage with each other
  • A single source of truth
  • Support with the onboarding experience of new starters
  • A platform that is easy to navigate, intuitive and looks good

However, what does this look like for your business? With so many different options now available, the dilemma of where to start can be daunting.

Here at Sorce, we have over 20 years’ experience of helping organisations understand their business requirements and create a solution that fits your business needs, so rather than looking at new shiny alternatives to Meta Workplace, we suggest you start by taking the time to look inwards at really understand what your business needs today and plan for the future.

When Meta Workplace launched in October 2016, your business was at a place where Workplace was the right solution for you. The familiarity of functionality and social elements was a big pull for many.

However, 8 years on, a global pandemic, the rise of AI and changing workplace trends later, may mean your business needs have evolved and Meta Workplace’s ending could be a golden opportunity for you to create a new and improved internal comms platform.

Where to start

For us, we always encourage all our new clients to begin by understanding your end users and the needs of your organisation. We have created a tried and tested way of helping you do this; you can read more about this in our free download How to Manage Your Intranet Project.

Our team are on hand to work with you as much or as little as you need to support you in creating your new user requirements and business case.

Software choices

There are many different options available but with a robust understanding of what you are trying to achieve, making decisions about the type of software will be much easier.

Internal communications apps and intranets have long been used interchangeably and have been defined by their end user audiences and breadth and depth of functionality.

Today’s modern intranets, have been redefined to create a consistent, engaging experience wherever and however your employees access them.

This can all help narrow your search down in terms of what you are looking for.

Here at Sorce we offer our own intranet software, Engage and we also create and build SharePoint intranets for a diverse range of clients.

Book Demo’s

Once you have your business needs defined and know what type of solution you are looking for, we suggest you start booking in some demos, it’s the best way to really understand what’s possible, meet the team you might be working with and ask lots of questions, to help refine your requirements.

Shortlist your preferred Suppliers

Giving a new software supplier the opportunity to work with you to achieve your goals is a privilege and you need to find not only the software but a company that you can work well with and provides the level of help and support you need.

Here at Sorce, many of our clients have been with us for over 15 years and value not only our outstanding intranet software but the team behind it.

What next?

Exciting times lay ahead. Start creating your intranet team to help you find your new internal comms software.

If you are looking for a new intranet or help in understanding what it is, you need we’d love to chat more. Simply email us and we will get right back to you.




Paula Darch

Paula is our marketing whizz and is passionate about intranet engagement and getting the most out of your intranet software.