Deploying a digital workplace is a significant project, for any company. It requires a complete and intense investment to derive significant benefits. With digital transformation at the heart of the debate, developing an intranet is more attractive than ever for businesses. Defined as a revolution, particularly for the employee’s experience, the main advantage of a digital workplace is to increase the efficiency of the company. To achieve this, it is essential to go through some adoption steps to ensure a successful implementation.

Are you planning to develop your digital workplace, but you lack experience and want to make sure that your project will be effective in the long run? Here are our top tips to develop a digital workplace that adapts to your company and especially, to your employees:

1. Set your own goals

To begin to set a project up, whatever it is, it is necessary to set your goal. Knowing when we’ve reached our destination is essential to advance step by step in the process. It is unusual to sit in your car and start driving without purpose or destination. So why would you do this in your company? Ask a single question: what does this project look like once completed?

2. Accept Criticism

In many contexts, receiving or providing feedback is essential. When developing your project, you should know how to accept criticism, when it is constructive, to be able to better adapt to the recipients’ needs. It is important to arrange a meeting with your team beforehand, to determine the points and aspects to be adjusted before the final launch.

3. Plan The Standard User's Day

In collaboration with each of your internal teams, set up a plan for their work day. This plan will help you to build the foundation of your intranet by identifying what helps your employees to be more productive and what can slow them down in their business. What do they want to have on hand and what they do not particularly need? Understanding the behavioural needs of your employees, who will use the portal, through a complete analysis of the criteria from each persona. These kinds of analysis will provide data that will save you time in the implementation of your intranet, but also money by eliminating the tools which are ultimately not helpful to your employees.


Establishing a partnership between Human Resources and the IT department will help you coordinate your projects so that they are in line with the objectives of the company. As technology has revolutionised the way people work and the outlook, it is necessary to involve HR teams in the process of setting up your Digital Workplace. This will ensure a dynamic and flexible working method. However, be careful not to consider the development of a digital workplace solely as an IT project. It is above all a question based on cultural transformation and the commitment of employees. It’s all about humanising the digital transformation of your business.

Each company requires an intranet customised and adapted to the needs of its business, but also to its employees. Follow these tips to simplify your digital workplace. Once you’re ready to implement your project, Sorce can help deploy your customised intranet in just a few clicks.

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