Paula Darch 21 March 2019 3 min read

South Wales Police win gold: Step Two Intranet Workplace Awards

We are excited to announce that our client South Wales Police have won Gold in the 2018 Step Two Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards. Now in their twelfth year, these are global awards that recognise outstanding contributions to the fields of intranets and digital workplaces.

South Wales Police appointed Sorce to help create and develop a personalised intranet for their police force with high levels of user participation and engagement, contributions from senior leaders, effective targeting of content and significant efficiencies gained through extensive use of forms.

The result is ‘BOB’ a feature rich, engaging and dynamic intranet. BOB is used by 9,000 to 10,000 people at South Wales and Gwent Police, of which over 300 are regular content contributors. Nick Allport, Lead Developer at South Wales Police “We are delighted to win Gold with Step Two, it’s great that BOB, our Engage intranet is being globally recognised. BOB has transformed the way we work at SWP and we are excited to be able to share our journey”.

Some of the Step Two judges’ comments:

“They’re doing what every organisation should do: focussing on the needs of the staff. Another great and highly practical intranet to come from a UK Police force! Form automation is very strong, and levels of daily user engagement are spectacular! Not an easy workforce to keep happy either!”

“I like BOB, what a great name! This looks like a robust full intranet relaunch with a good research and implementation effort. The number of workflows integrated, collaboration spaces opened, as well as user adoption rate shows the impressive impact”
John Nicklin, Managing Director at Sorce “We are all thrilled that BOB has been recognised globally for the brilliant intranet that it is. The team at South Wales Police and Sorce developed an exceptional intranet, made possible with our Engage intranet software. BOB has just turned 1, so I look forward to seeing just how BOB grows over the coming years”

South Wales Police are the largest police force in Wales and although geographically small, covering around 812 square miles and equating to just 10% of the geographical area of Wales, South Wales Police provide a service to 1.3 million people (42% of the country’s population).
The force has almost 3,000 police officers and over 2,200 police staff, including Police Community Support Officers and a team of dedicated volunteers that includes over 100 special constables and around 150 Police Youth Volunteers.

To find out more about BOB and the journey South Wales Police have been on, download their case study.


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