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2018 Sorce intranet success award winners!

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The Sorce intranet success awards 2018 recognises our clients, companies and individuals for their work over the past 12 months. Clients from the engineering, transport, housing, education, farming, public sector and many more took part in what has been a real reflection of the hard work and effort that has been made by all that participated.

There was strong competition in every category,  we are pleased to be able to confirm the proud recipients of the 2018 Sorce Intranet Success Awards.

The judges were looking for companies and individuals that had delivered exciting intranet projects, design and communication campaigns during the last 12 months.

Intranet Success Manager, Nick Horne, commented on the winners: "Intranets are the hub of the modern digital workplace. Being able to recognise the amazing Engage developments our clients have undertaken and individuals who are passionate about their intranet is a great honour".

SORCE Intranet Success Awards 2018

The winner of the Best Intranet Design Award is:  Jemca Group

SORCE Intranet Success awards JEMCA 

Jemca's intranet is a great example of using imagery as signposting as well as very consistent design and branding. The cartoon characters speak to the users and are more informal, it's something we are seeing more and more in intranet designs.

SORCE Intranet success awards 2018

The winner of the Best Custom Feature Award is:  Wythenshawe Community Housing Group

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group are a well deserved winner of this category, they really have made Engage software their own. They created an employee benefit dashboard, giving staff instant access to all their employee benefits in one place.

The annual total reward statements were previously mailed out to all users. outside of the annual reward statement letter there was no easy way for employees to access this data and easily track the benefits they receive or are entitled to from the business. 

The new page gives users quick and easy access to Salary, Annual Leave Entitlement, Salary Sacrifice Schemes, Health plans and Pensions.

Best Intranet Launch

The winner of the Best Intranet Launch is:  Housing Plus Group

Housing Plus Group created a great launch campaign, with emails, posters and a great launch video, created in-house. Watch their launch video!

SORCE Intranet Success Awards Housing Plus Group

(Image: Natalie Tyler, Housing Plus Group)

Best Intranet Champion

The winner of Intranet Champion is:  Sanjay Gohel from Connells and Natalie Tyler from Housing Plus Group

Sanjay Gohel from Connells Group goes above and beyond to promote their intranet and ensure it's the best it can be. Nigel Trevor, Head of IT at Connells commented: "Sanjay is absolutely instrumental in helping implement, advance and shape our 'Connect' intranet for the Connells Group Businesses".

We have also awarded a further Intranet Champion Award to Natalie Tyler at Housing Plus Group, whose passion for their intranet is well recognised throughout the organisation.

Best Intranet

The Winner of the Best Intranet Award is:  South Wales Police

South Wales Police

South Wales Police have a large and complex workforce to communicate with and in the past year have started to push the boundaries of success with BOB their intranet. They've incorporated large amounts of user interaction and custom developments to their site.

South Wales Police are also using the Engage development environment to create lots of page items which display content within their intranet from data sources outside of the intranet itself. This has proven to be a great way to push information out to staff from disparate sources in an easy and consistent way.

We are delighted with this year's Sorce 2018 Intranet Success Award Winners and look forward to working with our clients on some exciting intranet projects this year.

You can take a look at their winning journey by reading their case studies. 



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