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Why Flexible Intranet Software is a Must

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Choosing new intranet software that is right for your business can be challenging. There are so many variables to balance to find the right software solution for you. This blog highlights why flexible intranet software should be one of your priorities.

Balancing The Needs of Many

When choosing a new intranet software provider, an intranet project team will be created and it’s this team’s responsibility to understand and balance the needs of the business today and in the future, the needs of your colleagues and the way in which your business conducts its business e.g. large mobile workforce or regional/global offices.

Here at SORCE, all too often new clients come to us as their existing intranet software just won’t do what the business needs. It’s become very inflexible and it’s holding the business back. The pain points might be around integration or the need for bespoke functionality without the long lead times and high price tag to name but a few.

For anyone considering a new intranet, think about the level of flexibility that you need and make sure you include it within your list of requirements.

What Can a Flexible Intranet Offer?

1. Application Library

One of the advantages of choosing a flexible intranet solution is that you will be able to choose which applications you need for your intranet, often from an extensive ready to go library. Applications will include everything from the usual Contacts Directory and Document Management to more social applications to help you grow your engagement levels.

2. Bespoke Functionality

If the Application library doesn’t have what you need for your business, your intranet supplier will be able to create bespoke applications for you, or give you the tools to be able to adapt their existing applications as you need to. Here at SORCE many of our Engage clients have created their own suite of applications.

3. Intranet Structure

Being able to stipulate your own intranet structure is one of the great advantages of a flexible intranet. You don’t need to change your business processes to fit your intranet, your intranet can truly reflect your business. The easier your software makes this for you the better.

4. Displaying Content

This is where you can really benefit from a more flexible intranet. Every business is unique and so your intranet content should be able to be displayed in a way that reflects your business. Being able to choose from a range of tried and tested templates enables you to easily start creating content.

5. Colour Themes and Designs

Branding is incredibly important to any business. To be able to have the flexibility to choose readymade colour themes or create your own designs is a must. A badly designed intranet just won’t have the impact and deliver all of the great new content effectively.

6. Integration

Most businesses will use a range of specialist software solutions and some of the systems will need to be integrated with your intranet. Flexible intranet solutions will enable you to integrate with all sorts of systems, so you can keep the key elements of your systems, such as SharePoint but also realise all of the intranet software benefits.

Why is this important?

Being able to create the intranet you need really helps with user adoption. If everyone is able to do what they need to do, then you are well on the way to a creating a really effective intranet.

Flexibility also means that as your business grows and changes, your intranet can too, so you won’t find yourself in 3 years’ time having to repeat your intranet procurement project.

Finally, knowing that you have the flexibility to take your intranet in different directions is really liberating. It encourages you to think about new ways of working with your intranet at the core of your business processes.

I hope you have found this blog useful. If you would like to find out more about our Engage intranet software please get in touch or download our latest software guide.



Paula Darch

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