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2019 Sorce intranet success award winners!

SORCE Intranet Success Award Winners 2019

The Sorce Intranet Success Awards 2019 recognises our clients, companies and individuals for their work over the past 12 months. Clients from the engineering, transport, housing, education, farming, public sector and many more took part in what has been a real reflection of the hard work and effort that has been made by all that participated.

There was strong competition in every category,  we are pleased to be able to confirm the proud recipients of the 2019 Sorce Intranet Success Awards.

The judges were looking for companies and individuals that had delivered exciting intranet projects, design and communication campaigns during the last 12 months.

Intranet Success Manager, Nick Horne, commented on the winners: "Intranets are the hub of the modern digital workplace. Being able to recognise the amazing Engage developments our clients have undertaken and individuals who are passionate about their intranet is a great honour".

SORCE Intranet Success Awards 2018

The winner of the Best Intranet Design Award is:  Aston Lark. 

Intranet Success Award winner Aston Lark 

Aston Lark are well deserved winners of this year's award. Intranet design is more than a great homepage. It's one that keeps an eye on latest design trends and helps the user seamlessly navigate their way around their intranet.

SORCE Intranet success awards 2018

The winner of the Best Custom Feature Award is:  ECA

This years Best Custom Feature award goes to ECA for their outstanding PDR application. Read all about how this application has saved time and money at ECA.  Congratulations to the team at ECA for winning a 2019 Intranet Success Award!

"MyPDR has allowed ECA to improve staff effectiveness collaboratively. This in turn makes us a more effective organisation that is better able to service the needs of our customers and members. This output is a key focus of our organisational Corporate plan. We are really proud of what we have achieved"- Farhan Mirza, Head of Digital Transformation and Engagement.

SORCE intranet success winners 2019 ECA

SORCE Intranet Success Awards 2018

The winner of the Best Intranet Launch is:  Redrow

A great intranet launch sets your intranet up for an engaging and successful future. It's your one chance to inspire your colleagues and encourage them to adopt your wonderful new intranet into their daily lives. Congratulations Redrow!

SORCE Intranet Success Awards 2018

The winner of Intranet Champion or Intranet Team this year went to the whole IT team at Amsafe Bridport.

Amsafe Bridport have been working with Sorce for the past 18 years and have done a fantastic job developing applications and managing the site. Well done to the whole team involved.

SORCE Intranet Success Winners 2019 Amsafe Bridport


SORCE Intranet Success Awards 2018

The Winner of the Best Intranet Award is:  Anglian Home Improvements

This award celebrates our clients who have achieved outstanding intranet success in 2019. It recognises the work undertaken to create and continually develop an intranet that engages colleagues and provides outstanding tangible benefits. Congratulations Anglian Home Improvements!


We are delighted with this year's Sorce 2019 Intranet Success Award Winners and look forward to working with our clients on some exciting intranet projects this year.

If you would like to find out more about our winners intranets and their journey, take a look at our intranet case studies.


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