Martyn Green 1 min read

Justification for your intranet

With a new financial year fast approaching it’s an excellent opportunity to start making preparations for a new intranet.

You may have recognised a need for an intranet within your organisation, but how do you go about providing justification to secure your budget?

When I’m teaching how to plan a successful intranet project, many of the people I encounter want to identify specific opportunities, but they’re not sure where to begin.

For this reason, I take them through a number of practical exercises geared towards helping them identify the needs and requirements of their intended audience.

These include:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Requirements gathering exercises

I show them how carrying out these exercises can help to identify business critical functions that are in need of streamlining. We talk about these as these as your business killer opportunities, identifying them will give you a solid case for an intranet.

I’ve designed the exercises to give delegates the confidence to apply what they have learned within their business. However, when companies feel comfortable with further guidance, I have assisted them in undertaking these exercises.


Martyn Green

Martyn is our Intranet Success Director, his intranet knowledge is extensive, having worked with hundreds of clients, he helps understand what your intranet needs are and supports you in creating your intranet structure and content requirements.