Paula Darch 12 May 2021 11 min read

How your intranet can help reduce anxiety

With Boris’s latest announcement comes the news of the further relaxation of the rules we have all been living with to keep us safe amidst the pandemic. 

Whilst we still await the detailed plans for life after 21st Junemany businesses are starting to map out their vision for their future workplaceThe BBC recently surveyed the top 50 UK businesses and most said they would be working towards a hybrid workforcewith employees spending time working from home and the office.  

For somereturning to life as it was pre pandemic is on the cardswith staff communications clearly stating that all staff are expected to be in the office from a certain date. 

What is certain is, there is no “one size fits all with regards to how and where employees will workWhat’s right for one business will not be right for anotherWhatever the solutiongiven most of us have been at home for over 12 months nowit’s natural for there to be a level of anxiety about what the future workplace holds. 

As part of mental health awareness weekI think it’s really important we think about how our intranets can help support our team’s mental health and acknowledge the feelings that many share right now. 

Whilst some may be really looking forward to returning to the officeto regain their social lifereconnect with colleagues and get back to the old routinefor others the past 12 months working from home has been liberatingenlightening and enabled a much better work life balance. 

Using your intranet to be open and transparent about your plans for the office is a great place to startYour organisation may not know themselves what the future holdsbut starting discussionssharing documentation and letting all staff have their saywill help everyone feel their views are shared and being considered. 

To help you could: 

1. Share your vision for your own business recovery plan with everyone through your intranet 
2. Lead the way and share videos from some of your teamhighlighting what they’ve enjoyed and valued over the last 12 months and what their thoughts are about the future. 
3. Create blogshighlighting that it’s ok to not be ok right now and that as a valued team member you are there to support them. 
4. Use your intranet to open discussions about your future workplace and gain insight from your employees.  
5. Showcase innovations or new ways of working that are here to stayregardless of where someone works. 

I hope this blog has got you thinking about how your intranet can help you over the coming weeks and monthsand help you support your staff. 

If you have realised your intranet has seen better days over the last year and are considering alternativesplease get in touch and let us see how we can help. 


Paula Darch

Paula is our marketing whizz and is passionate about intranet engagement and getting the most out of your intranet software.