Paula Darch 21 March 2024 4 min read

How AI can benefit your intranet

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the transforming the way we create content, interact with each other and our stakeholders and this will become further embedded in our lives during 2024.

It’s important to take a moment to understand the impact of AI for intranets and the potential for it to help with your intranet needs. Here we take a look at how AI could potentially benefit all your users, as well as tools aimed at intranet content editors and administrators.

Intranets are all about being THE one central access point for all your users, wherever they are working and on whatever device to be able to find the latest news, colleagues and content they need. It’s also a place where everyday business tasks can be completed quickly and easily.

Intranet software providers are getting excited about AI because there are 4 ways AI can benefit intranets:

1. Intranet search

Intranets historically have not scored highly for findability, because they typically store lots of structured and unstructured data, providing a vast dataset. With AI, intranets can analyse and derive insights to improve search results and personalise content.

2. Content creation

AI content creation is widely used by many industries, it can help provide small teams with a great starting point to generate intranet content.

3. Content enhancement

AI could be a great tool to help intranet content editors lengthen or shorten news articles, or make a document more or less formal depending on the audience.

4. Image generation

AI can help with image search and generation, using AI to quickly create a suitable image to use on your company intranet. This can save time as well as money, especially if photos tend to be purchased from a paid stock image library.

If you would like to find out more, download our AI intranet guide.

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