Paula Darch 17 February 2020 3 min read

How your intranet can help nurture a kinder workplace

SORCE intranet creating kindness


Employees health and wellbeing is of paramount importance to all of us and is often managed with policies, guidelines and self management. We should all feel comfortable talking about our health and our well-being with colleagues and our employer whenever we need to.

Here at Sorce we have created our intranet software to nurture a kind working environment and really help your employees feel engaged and part of your business.

Here are some simple ways in which intranets can help you nurture a culture of kindness.

1. Recognise your superstars

A superstar doesn't have to be senior management or someone who has closed a multi-million pound deal. It can be the colleague that kindly offered to make you a coffee or helped you meet your deadline. Recognising someone for something great is a small token that goes a long way. It's one of the most used features in our intranet software.

2. Happiness meter

A simple clickable rating is a great way for everyone to gauge the general feeling in the office. The comments section which can be sent to your line manager, is a great confidential way of letting them know that there could be an issue.

3. Sharing stories and images

Making employees smile by sharing childhood images, or holiday snaps, hobbies or favourite TV shows, is again a small thing but a great way to encourage engagement and strengthen connections with everyone.

4. Sharing acts of kindness

Creating an intranet page where anyone can post photos, videos and share stories of kindness is another simple way of creating awareness within your business. It's also a great way of linking with other areas of the business that can offer support and advice.

5. Get involved

Take the lead and encourage everyone to get involved in local projects to spread kindness and positivity. Enable everyone to get involved by letting them take some time in their working week. 

I hope these simple suggestions have got you thinking about what you and your intranet can do to encourage more kindness at work.

Here at Sorce we are organising an event on this very subject. If you would be interested in knowing more, please email and we will be in touch with more details.



Paula Darch

Paula is our marketing whizz and is passionate about intranet engagement and getting the most out of your intranet software.