Paula Darch 6 December 2023 5 min read

Festive intranet content ideas

December brings with it an abundance of opportunities to create captivating intranet content that will undoubtedly enhance your intranet engagement.

Exceptional intranet content immediately grabs the attention of your users, compelling them to watch, read, explore, and even contribute their own content.

 Here are some festive content ideas to get you started! 

1.  Fill  your intranet with Christmas music!

Encourage different teams to create their very own spotify playlists that you can publish and share with colleagues to listen to whilst working. You could even run a poll on who has created the best playlist and award a prize for the most voted.

2.  Meet your colleagues festive edition

Get out and about and ask colleagues to get involved and take part in this idea. Create some questions, we suggest no more than 5 or 6 and ask different colleagues across the business the same questions. They could answer by video, vox pop style or written, whatever you feel works best for you and your users. You could create your own gallery of colleagues, including their images and quotes from their answers.

3.  Use December to celebrate your successes over the year

Not everyone will know about every area of the business. It's a great way to celebrate and also raise awareness of your different business areas.

4.   Mix up your intranet graphics

Changing your intranet design with seasonal themes, maybe falling snow, festive icons, helps users want to repeat visit because it looks fresh and exciting. Embrace the season and go for it!

5.  Spotlight your charity work

Most organisations have charities close to their hearts that throughout the year may fund raise for, work with and raise awareness of.  Use December to help give your support a boost and share the great work that your chosen charities do.

6. Christmas polls

Everyone has their favourite things at Christmas. Polls on best films, celebrity chefs, puddings, music and more will get everyone voting!

7. Christmas party invites and gallery

Organise your Christmas party through your intranet, from invites, to menu selection and of course the photo gallery.

8. Christmas pets gallery!

As a nation of pet lovers, we love sharing pics of our fur babies. Invite colleagues to share the best Christmas pics and see your engagement levels rocket.

9.  Get your CEO involved and publish their Christmas video message on your intranet.

Your intranet replaces endless emails and a festive message from your CEO not only unites your workplace and recognises everyone's efforts in achieving your goals but also gives credibility and endorsement to your intranet and the importance it plays with your internal communications.

10.  Have fun!

Whether that be with Christmas quizzes, treasure hunts, cracker jokes or virtual Christmas games, it's a month for optimising your engagement and letting colleagues discover just how fantastic your intranet is.

I hope these have got you thinking, we have more to share throughout December, so follow our socials for more.

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Paula Darch

Paula is our marketing whizz and is passionate about intranet engagement and getting the most out of your intranet software.