John Nicklin 20 July 2021 5 min read

It's time to rethink your intranet

It’s time to rethink your intranet

I’ve been talking to lots of our Engage intranet clients over the last month and having some really interesting conversations about the role of their intranet and how this has changed and evolved during the pandemic. 

For some, the role of their intranet is clear, their goals are aligned with their business goals and their intranet engagement has never been better. For others, a post pandemic identity crisis is emerging, whereby the company had to react quickly when the pandemic struck and working practices changed almost overnight.

Disjointed systems, processes and workarounds were all implemented to get through the pandemic (we all did it) a sticking plaster to hold the business together amidst constant change. Many are now starting to take the plaster off and realising it’s not so quite straightforward to simply expect their intranet to do what it once did, whilst everything else around it has changed. It’s time to take a moment to review your business, your working practices and your intranet.

That’s where we can help. Here at Sorce, we’ve been using a business planning methodology known as a business canvas for years now. It’s a great tool to help you visualise your business. We have adopted this business canvas to work for your intranet, it helps you understand and explain to others the role of the intranet and what can be done to improve its success, by defining very clear goals moving forward. It gets colleagues talking and starts really insightful conversations. What’s more it can help you use those conversations and emerge with a plan that’s right for your business right now.

The benefit of Sorce helping you work through this is that we have all of this intranet expertise and insight to help guide and support you through your intranet canvas process. What’s right for one business, might not be right for everyone, but there are many common problems that we are all facing at the moment that we never expected to.

If you are facing some of these challenges, why not let us help you work through them with our intranet canvas webinar.

Common intranet challenges right now:

  • Colleagues are using disparate systems to communicate with each other and not engaging with your intranet
  • How to onboard new staff virtually and ensure they have a positive employee experience
  • How can your intranet support a new hybrid workplace
  • How to encourage your colleagues to engage with your intranet

Our intranet business canvas workshop will:

  • Help you work through your intranet goals for the next 12-24 months
  • Challenge the role of your intranet and align it with your business strategy
  • Help you work through how your intranet can overcome your challenges
  • Help create a blueprint for your future intranet

If you would like to know more. join us for our intranet canvas webinar on the 18h August at 2pm, simply register to join us.


John Nicklin

Keeping an eye on future work trends and anticipating our product response, John keeps at the forefront of intranet innovation.