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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Giving Your Intranet a Name


4 reasons why you should consider giving your intranet a name

Choosing the right intranet name can impact how your employees connect with your organisation’s intranet. We’ve highlighted 4 reasons why you should consider selecting a name for your intranet. If you would like to find out what some of the most commonly used names are, you can download our top intranet names document.

Why are intranet names important?

1) Gives recognition

A name helps your intranet to become a destination, one that is known around your organisation. The best intranets that we have worked with are known by the staff as a place that they can find information and perform tasks. A name helps people recognise this tool as a destination that is of value to them.

2) Reinforces brand (and values)

Intranets without a name are usually given one anyway, most default to ‘intranet’ or ‘portal’ as an informal way of employees referring to the tool. Naming your intranet offers you a way of reinforcing your corporate brand or culture - the names organisations use for their intranets are often playful, serious or even just a little nerdy, reflecting the style of the business they are there to serve.

3) Encourages employee engagement

It’s not just what you call your intranet but how you come up with its name that can make a difference. Intranet names can be decided from the project team, senior sponsors or by competition from the people that will actually use it. Some of the best names that we have seen have been submitted from staff - letting others have a say not only makes people feel involved but gives them a sense of ownership too.

4) Distinguishes from the rest

An intranet works best when it acts as the single place to get work done. For some that may mean communicating with colleagues, others its more about sharing knowledge or as a bridge to other business systems dotted around the organisation. Centralising knowledge like this provides huge benefits to the productivity of staff but what stops this from happening is often a reliance on email. A fun intranet name can help staff distinguish this tool from email, remembering to use the intranet instead.

If you are working through your own intranet project and looking for intranet name ideas, head over and download our handy guide of the 86 top intranet names. Got a great name already, share your intranet name ideas in the comments below.


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