Paula Darch 6 July 2015 3 min read

Back to Basics: Revisiting your intranet objectives is a must

So, you are all motivated to start reviewing your intranet’s performance but before rushing in why not visit your original objectives and the benefits you wanted to achieve and see how you think you are doing.

Most intranets come from a desire to change. There may have been (or may now be) a particular pain point that needed to be resolved or that the support levels were unjustifiable given available resources. Maybe your intranet was launched with great intentions but over time you have seen interaction levels drop off. Whatever the original catalyst for change, intranets typically start with wanting to achieve intranet perfection:

Top 5 Intranet Outcomes:

1. Everyone knows what’s going on, even when working remotely.

Your colleagues are posting news and updates about the company, product and or service and everyone is fully engaged whether in the office or elsewhere.

2. Everyone can find important documentation quickly and easily. Colleagues can locate and contact each other easily through your intranet and important documents are stored centrally and everyone has access to the latest version.

3. Everyone is engaged and working collaboratively

Your organisation’s morale has been boosted and colleagues are able to work collaboratively through the intranet, sharing ideas and creating documentation and shared collateral.

4. Email volumes are reduced

Because your colleagues trust your intranet and you now have central access to up to date information, they are not having to send emails requesting individual items.

5. Business processes are streamlined

Your intranet has enhanced your organisation culture and the business processes are streamlined so your colleagues can operate more efficiently and effectively, saving time and budget.

In your opinion, how many of these have been achieved?

At this stage whether you are on the edge of creating or updating your intranet, or undertaking a review, you might benefit from coming along to a SORCE showcase event to find out how other well-known organisations undertook their intranet project and how. Our next event is in London on 14th July. To find out more:


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