Lauren Parker 24 February 2014 3 min read

Growing your intranet

A question that frequently crops up when I’m meeting with clients is ‘what can we do with our intranet?’

The answer to this question is simple. Your intranet platform is just your starting point, the possibilities you can achieve are endless.

For many, the problem doesn’t lie in creating a site, but in generating new ideas to grow their site further.

What I suggest is looking at extending beyond more standard business applications such as booking absences or managing expenses and assess how you can tailor your intranet to the specific needs of your business.

Speaking to an intranet expert will give you the opportunity to discover what other people have achieved, so you can take cues from others to spark off a few ideas. These ideas don’t have to be introduced straight away they can give you something to aim for in subsequent phases of your project.

Holding a brainstorming session with stakeholders will help you generate some ideas and having an intranet expert in attendance will steer you in the right direction, they’ll be able to advise you of what can realistically be achieved and at which stage of your project.

A number of our clients have developed applications specific to their business needs and this has been a contributory factor in achieving their overall business objectives.

West London Mental Health had previously been using paper forms for the reporting of major incidents. They’ve now replaced these with electronic forms which has not only helped them streamline one of their essential business processes, it’s also saved them a considerable amount of money.

A hotel chain are using their site to evaluate service standards for each of their locations, allowing them to make quicker business decisions ensuring they keep their customers happy.

If you’d like tips or more ideas on how you can grow your intranet, we run regular intranet showcases that will provide you with some inspiration. Here we take you through a number of intranet sites and show how they helped them to achieve their business objectives.

Visit our events page for information on our next showcase and to book a place.