Duncan Millar 29 July 2013 2 min read

Improving discoverability of your intranet content

Whether you’ve already got an intranet in place or you’re about to launch a new site, one challenge you’ll face will be getting staff to look at specific areas of content.

I find that an effective way of encouraging employees to look around their site to discover new content is to provide them with an incentive.

One way of getting your staff to revisit their site is to give it a theme that changes on a regular basis. Some organisations have based their themes around the seasons, while others have themed their site to coincide with the latest events happening in the organisation.

Another incentive that works particularly well is having a treasure hunt.

I recently worked with a company that wanted to inject an element of fun into their new site’s launch. As they were due to go live around Easter, they hid eggs on different pages on the site. Staff were invited to hunt for the eggs with a prize for the person who found them all first.

It’s a simple yet very effective way of getting staff to look around your site, enabling you to draw attention to such as HR pages or that is not accessed very often.

Once they know information is. there, they’re more likely to come back.

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