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Paula Darch 19 October 2015 5 min read

5 Ways to Launch Your Intranet

Whilst you are working on building your intranet, you also need to be thinking about ...
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Paula Darch 13 October 2015 5 min read

How to Generate Your Intranet Name

Your intranet planning is going well. You are 12 weeks in and thinking about names. Your ...
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Sam Lipscombe 8 October 2015 4 min read

How to write your Intranet Business Case

So, you are ready to start drafting your business case for the intranet. You have ...
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Paula Darch 22 September 2015 5 min read

What are your Intranet Roles & Responsibilities?

You can create the best intranet on paper for your organisation, but if no one has ...
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Sam Lipscombe 16 September 2015 6 min read

How to Create an Intranet Steering Commitee

Ensuring effective intranet governance is often one of the big oversights of any intranet ...
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Paula Darch 1 September 2015 5 min read

Intranet Benefits: Back to Basics #intranetkickstart

So, you have decided to take the step to pull together a business case with the aim of ...
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Lauren Parker 18 August 2015 5 min read

How to Make Sense of Intranet Feedback

So, you have spent the summertime reviewing your intranet and following the steps that we ...
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Sam Lipscombe 12 August 2015 4 min read

Why Intranet Sponsors are critical to a successful intranet

Your summer intranet review is going really well you have uncovered lots of interesting ...
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Martyn Green 20 November 2014 5 min read

Managing documents in the digital workplace

Image courtesy of Adam Rifkin
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Sam Lipscombe 7 October 2014 6 min read

What do people really require from your intranet?

When I first came into the world of intranets, many organisations used to consider these ...
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Sam Lipscombe 21 August 2014 2 min read

Have you done your intranet homework?

When I first meet with organisations to discuss their intranet needs, they frequently ...
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Martyn Green 7 April 2014 5 min read

Selecting an intranet vendor

Before you even consider an intranet supplier for your project, it’s absolutely vital ...
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Lauren Parker 18 December 2013 4 min read

Who owns your intranet project?

It’s often the case that responsibility for an intranet project is given to one ...
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Sam Lipscombe 9 December 2013 3 min read

Why Intranet Sponsors are Vital to Successful Intranets

Time and time again, we see evidence that shows intranets without a senior level sponsor ...
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Lauren Parker 25 November 2013 3 min read

Is your intranet future proof?

When I meet with organisations, I tend to find that for a lot of companies, their ...
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Martyn Green 14 November 2013 3 min read

What can an intranet expert do for you?

Even if you have a pretty good idea of how to plan an intranet project, having an ...
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Lauren Parker 31 October 2013 2 min read

How do you prioritise your intranet project?

When introducing an intranet to an organisation, it can be very tempting to get a little ...
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Lauren Parker 25 September 2013 2 min read

How do you prepare a business case?

In my sales role, many of the potential clients I meet with are looking for advice and ...
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Sam Lipscombe 2 September 2013 1 min read

Taking the Journey with Sovereign

I recently visited a local Housing association that we’ve been consulting with to take ...
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Martyn Green 15 February 2013 2 min read

How do you tackle a new intranet project?

I recently held my latest Masterclass in Delivering a Successful Intranet in London. I’ve ...
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