Martin Miles 22 June 2012 2 min read

When do you need intranet replication?

Over the years, we have deployed a number of intranets to organisations internationally. From a technical perspective, I’ve found that deploying these sites brings its own set of challenges. The biggest of these challenges is often the physical distance from servers in the UK to sites abroad.

When you have offices based in locations such as the Far East, Australia or America, you are sending information over a considerable distance. This means that for the average user they will notice a delay in how quickly their intranet page will load. In the technical world this is known as latency.

Placing a local server in each country or region where the business operates overcomes these latency issues. By doing this, the distance and therefore time it takes for information to travel from server to individual machines is cut drastically.

Once you have established separate servers for each international region, there is yet another issue to overcome. Intranets are all about sharing information across an organisation, so how do you give staff access to content stored around the world?

To overcome this problem we have built into SORCE, intranet replication software. This software shares new content that has been contributed from staff internationally to ensure that each country’s intranet content does not sit in isolation.

One of our clients, an international recruitment agency, has offices spread across Russia, Australia and Europe. For them, using replication has meant their intranet users have access to the latest news and documentation, irrespective of where it has been added in the world.

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