Paula Darch 5 December 2016 4 min read

How to Calculate Intranet Return on Investment


Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) is essential for illustrating the true value of an intranet and it is really straight forward. This blog will suggest a number of simple ways in which you can evaluate your intranet platform ROI. For more help, and to find out how SORCE can help maximise your intranet potential, book a personalised demo with one of our experts.

ROI can be split into 3 categories: hard benefits, soft benefits and business process improvements.

Intranet Hard Benefits:

Hard benefits are tangible benefits that organisations can place a value against, such as:

  • Reduction in paper and printing costs
  • Reduction in hardware and software
  • Reduced time to market
  • Increased sales revenue

Different organisations will see different hard benefits materialise. One client saved over £12,000 annually on printing costs as a result of using e-bulletins. Another organisation saved £5,000 a month by simply centralising their stationery procurement. 

Intranet Soft Benefits:

These are the intangible benefits that all of your employees benefit from. They include:

  • Reduction of email culture - the intranet can host a lot of content traditionally emailed, reducing the need for continuous email updates.
  • Increase in productivity - employees collaborate more, share ideas and become more engaged and enthusiastic about the organisation.

Business process improvements:

Business process improvements are also the result of a successful intranet. Organisations find new ways to work better and work smarter. Some organisations may align their intranet with their business from the outset, whilst other organisations find new ways of working as a result of the intranet functionality.

Find out how our clients benefitted from a new intranet by reading their case studies

I hope this blog has provided some ideas for how you can calculate your ROI. To find out how we can help, get in touch or book a demo


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