Lauren Parker 2 July 2014 4 min read

5 ways to maximise your intranet’s value

Every business will have a set of goals and key objectives they’ll Blog-5-waysoutline on an annual basis. What’s often overlooked is the integral role an intranet can be in helping to achieve these objectives. By streamlining processes and making regularly performed tasks more efficient, you’ll make the life of your workforce far easier whilst helping you to achieve those all important objectives.

Here are just a few of the ways clients have used their intranet to achieve their business goals.

1. Look for your opportunities

Talk to your employees. Identifying the frustrating tasks they encounter on a regular basis will help you to deliver functionality they’ll benefit from. For one private hospital group, keeping staff
training up to date is integral to the successful operation of the business. They’ve implemented an E-learning application, which allows staff to book their own training and have a personal record of the courses they have taken so far.

2. KPI Dashboard

Having business intelligence is all very well, but if your staff aren’t aware of the big picture, or in fact where they fit in, how can you expect to motivate them? Sharing tasks and goals through a dashboard will make it clear to staff what is expected of them as individuals as well as give them an idea of the direction the business is heading in.

3. Business Specific Applications

Tailoring applications to the needs of your business will help you achieve specific goals. One of our retail clients require all their staff to sign in and out all personal effects when starting or ending a shift. They’ve created an intranet application specifically for this, whilst enabling Head Office to track who is working a shift and when. For them, it’s become a ‘killer’ application they can’t do without.

4. Integration with other business systems

Using your intranet as a portal to external business systems such as a CRM or HR means your staff can access what they need from one place. An amusement equipment supplier makes daily deliveries of machines to clients. The Finance team were finding that there was a lack of communication between Sales as to which firms had poor credit and should not receive deliveries. By implementing a CRM system, all staff have access to customer information, so the Sales team have access to the latest information regarding the status of an account.

5. Make it your go-to place for information

Where is your information currently held in your organisation? It may well be dotted around all over the place, perhaps you have a number of standalone Share Point sites, or spreadsheets, and databases Making it easier for staff to find what they need will help to speed up the decision making process.

To get a real idea of where your opportunities lie, you’ll need to gather information from around your organisation. If you’d like more information on how to go about this, download our Intranet Business Case.