Martin Miles 9 April 2013 3 min read

Introducing V10

When I’m discussing the technical aspects of an intranet with clients, I get to witness firsthand the type of business issues they are trying to overcome with their site.

This means I’m in a better position to provide feedback to our technical team on client expectations for intranet features and functionality. With the needs of our users in mind, we’ve been working on incorporating a number of changes into our product’s latest version.

As a result, we’re now set to launch SORCE V10, so I thought I’d provide a brief overview of some of our additional features.

Content targeting

To enable our customers to get right to the information that matters most to them, we’ve added content targeting. This feature allows you to promote relevant content directly to teams, departments or locations, so they don’t need to spend valuable time trying to locate content.

Document management

Centrally organising company documents is an integral part of any intranet, and we appreciate that one of the most vital elements is locating documents quickly. We’ve added a number of different ways to search to make it even easier to find your information.

Social engagement

With more organisations encouraging staff to share content socially, we’ve added a range of tools to help them do this. They’ll now be able to:

  • comment on and rate content
  • provide live employee updates to the rest of the organisation with Microblogs
  • discover most recently contributed content with Activity Stream

Access on the go

As the use of smartphones and tablets continues to rise, more clients are expecting a mobile version of their intranet site. V10 automatically detects how you’re accessing your site so we can deliver you the mobile or desktop version, whichever is appropriate.

To celebrate V10’s launch, we’re holding a special event for our community of users. Not only will they get to see our new features in action, but they’ll also get the chance to meet fellow clients and share ideas.

If you’d like more information about V10, give us a call on 01635 551777 for a friendly chat.