Sam Lipscombe 4 March 2013 2 min read

What do you know about your CEO?

For many organisations, the CEO can be a remote figurehead that staff have little interaction with. To help familiarise employees with them, a growing number of CEOs are blogging through their intranet.

Once you’ve created a blog it’s important that you consider exactly how you want to engage with staff. With this in mind I thought I’d provide a few suggestions to help ensure your CEO blog is a successful one.

The first thing you need to consider is what you’re trying to achieve. Do you want to use this as a platform to express opinions or do you want to engage staff and encourage feedback? The most successful blogs that I have encountered enable employees to voice their opinions.

If your organisation’s culture is one of sharing the load, then responsibility for content can be shared between your senior leaders. On the other hand if the blog will only be from the CEO, make sure it’s written by them. The idea is to make it personal so staff can relate to them.

If you want to keep staff interested, regular short and snappy contributions are essential, preferably on a weekly basis.

A common topic for CEO blogs is activity within the business, focussing on different areas, strategic aims and customer feedback. To show you appreciate the opinions of staff, you could dedicate posts to responding to feedback on particular issues that have been addressed. To encourage interaction further, gifts or prizes could be awarded to the best comments.

Remember, posts don’t have to be solely about the business. Talking about interesting people or places you have visited outside the workplace will help your workforce get to know you better.