Gary Pearce 11 May 2012 2 min read

Targeting content to your users

A common issue for intranet managers is how to keep their audience engaged with relevant information about their working environment. When staff are faced with a lot of information it can prove difficult for them to find the content that’s most valuable to them.

One powerful bit of new functionality we’ve just launched to our clients, helps their staff access relevant content. We call this ‘Group Targeting’.

One of our clients has found it to be a highly effective way of pushing information out to all members of their project teams. We’ve shown them that as the information is targeted to their team it’s more likely to be read.

Previously, they’ve been experiencing communication issues with relevant stories on the Marketing page being overlooked by the Sales team. Since implementing group targeting, this is no longer the case, as they can target an article to as many departments as they wish.

A feature I think is particularly useful, especially if you work for a large distributed organisation, is the ability to view all articles relevant to your location.

This means that information is targeted to users in a specific region. Staff in Exeter can read about a visit from their CEO, whereas employees in Leeds can view details about their office renovations.

If you want to see how the SORCE product can help to engage your staff using Group Targeting, please give us a call on 01635 551777 to arrange an informal chat.