Duncan Millar 1 May 2012 2 min read

Five key considerations when consulting a design agency

In my experience, there’s one common misconception that clients make when enlisting a design agency for their intranet rebrand or design. They assume that an agency in the design industry will automatically understand what their needs are.

However, intranet design is never that simple, so I thought I’d cover 5 key considerations when consulting an agency.

  1. Not all design agencies are one and the same. If you want to consult an agency it’s vital that they’re a digital one. They will have the experience of working in the digital medium and will understand the differences between design for the web and an intranet.
  2. Who knows your product? If you don’t have a supplier ensure someone with a thorough understanding of the product meets with the agency. Alternatively, arrange for your chosen agency to meet with your supplier.
    This will help the agency to:
    • Understand what your intranet is used for
    • Get a clear picture of product functionality and capabilities
    After all, there’s no point in creating a design which your solution cannot deliver.
  3. Ensure that the agency knows how the site will be viewed by staff. Give them a clear guideline to work to by supplying them with screen size and resolution.
  4. Make it clear who your target audience are. If possible give the agency access to Personas you have created. Where feasible, encourage your agency to speak with a cross section of staff to determine their needs.
  5. Brand guidelines – all images used should be in context and in keeping with your organisation’s guidelines.

Including an individual with extensive knowledge of your solution’s capabilities will help guide your agency in creating a workable design.

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