Duncan Millar 15 December 2011 2 min read

Selecting appropriate images for your intranet

Selecting the right images for your intranet helps to put your intranet content into context.

Imagery is a very powerful tool for portraying your brand. A picture or image can speak volumes about your organisation. They are as important if not more so than the text content of your intranet.

Your Brand Guidelines will determine the type of images that your organisation can use and how they can be styled. Brand Guidelines will have been provided to your designer as part of your creative brief. Brand Guidelines will give you a clear framework to work from for:

  • Picture quality
  • Content of images
  • Style of images

It’s important that your intranet designer adheres to these to ensure all intranet images are appropriate to your corporate identity.

Your Brand Guidelines will advise you which colours are acceptable to use for imagery. However, be mindful that your colour blind users will be unable to view certain colours.

When adding images, think about the type of environment you want to create with your intranet.

You may wish to create an informal feel by using employee images. Alternatively, you may prefer to use photographic images. Changing just one image can transform the overall look of a page.

Whichever images you choose, ensure they look consistent with regards to labels, cropping and borders.

The type of images that you use on your intranet will help you convey your company’s vision. By giving your images a consistent look and feel you will create a familiar environment for your employees.