Martyn Green 28 July 2011 1 min read

Make it easier for staff to find information with user journeys

User journeys look at the actions people take when performing tasks whether it is online or offline. By observing the way that employees access information you get a better understanding of the ways in which an intranet can improve their productivity.

When you see firsthand how your employees search for information you can create an intranet structure that caters for their needs.

For example, you may ask staff to look up contact details. You may discover that the first place staff look is the intranet homepage although contact information isn’t located there. By observing their ‘journey’ you have discovered that the most logical place to put contact information is on the homepage.

Benefits of user journeys are:-

  • Discover how easy it is for staff to find information and the time it takes
  • Assess how to speed up processes for staff
  • Find the most logical place to put information so staff find it quickly.