Gary Pearce 20 June 2011 1 min read

Field Testing with your intranet users

Field testing helps you assess the functionality of your intranet with individuals that are outside your project team. This helps you to validate the decisions that are made regarding intranet structure during requirements gathering exercises.

By observing potential intranet users performing everyday tasks you will get a better understanding of whether your new navigation and design works.

Your overall aim is to:

  • Find out how quickly staff can locate the information they require
  • Assess whether the process can be improved
  • Get feedback from employees

The scope of field tests can be quite diverse. These can be something as simple as getting an opinion on the intranet’s colour scheme. More complex tests can also be conducted such as eye tracking. This is where software tracks a user’s eye movements on a page as they locate information.

Testing your intranet enables you to validate whether the functionality, design and structure work effectively for your all important end users.